PREORDER Stanridge Hardshell Winter Jacket by ENDO

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PREORDER Stanridge Hardshell Winter Jacket by ENDO


Stanridge's answer to cold-weather training and racing. A close-fitting, highly-insulated jacket for harsh conditions from Endo Customs in Los Angeles, CA USA.  

The hardshell, made only for us, has been tested across europe in the RHC series as well as in the mud and wind in the USA during Fall CX. 

A crucial element of this Jacket is the SuperRoubaix® thermal fabric. 

Super Roubaix® is a winter-weight microfiber material that is made with a special interlocking knit and fits like spandex, but is thicker. SuperRoubaix moves moisture efficiently and is breathable. It is brushed on the inside surface to create loft that insulates by retaining body heat. 

This jacket is definitely a workhorse, no different than our pro athletes whom have had exclusive access to this jacket developed over the course of 3 years with Endo. 

The jacket includes: 

  • Italian Silicon Elastic at waist
  • Hidden YKK front zippered pockets
  • Large YKK zippered rear cargo pocket
  • Full YKK front zip

A few features with this order:

  1. The pre-order period lasts three weeks. Jacket is marked down 20USD during preorder.  Make decisions about what size you would buy. Once we’ve counted all items, we will determine what inventory count we’re going to purchase.  
  2. Treat this as a commitment to buy. Don’t pre-order something that you ultimately don’t want.
  3. Since we have no order minimums, kit prices will be set based on order cost. We will confirm exact price if lower when all pre-orders are submitted. 
  4. For those of you who haven’t yet tried on Endo, check out Endo Sizing.
  5. If you don’t order items now, you’ll have to wait until the next order. This is it.
  6. The time of realization is hard to predict but usually takes about 3-5 weeks after the close plus shipping which takes 3-6 days within USA and 6-12 working days for the rest of the world. Please also factor in the Holiday rush.

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