I’ve never been one to shy from a challenge.

Coach Westbrook pushed us hard. At 16, I was running in Southern Atlanta deep into my newly discovered pain cave. The last thing I wanted was to get stranded on red clay back roads by the falling sun and teammates after school. A state championship my final year cemented the value of our teamwork and personal sacrifice.

Often the question is asked, “How did you learn to build bicycles?” As a one man operation I have plenty of time to think. Honestly, placing my finger on a singular event in my life that has led to Stanridge is not easy. My mother encouraged my artistic side as a young lad. I’d often sit at my desk and draw everything you’d imagine a young guy drawing. Big Rigs, Fire Trucks, Race Cars, Ambulances and Wreckers filled reams of used dot matrix perforated paper from the Service Station. Little did I know a graduation from markers to a TIG welding machine and Oxy/Act torch would occur 30 years later. 

I found myself with my grandfathers early in my life. I’d alternate between Papaw and Granddad in the summers. Papaw made a living in auto upholstery. Granddad was a entrepreneur and fixer of anything. He had the space and tooling to do about anything. With confidence I can say that my grandfathers are THE primary reason I picked up tools and the bug to create. It was their love of craftsmanship, the pride in their work and the way they carried themselves that left a lasting impression. They’re with me everyday. My brand is name is a portmanteau of their surnames, George Stanton and J.M. Eldridge.