I’ve never been one to shy from a challenge. Coach Westbrook pushed us hard. At eighteen, I was running on southern Atlanta roads and pushing deep into the “pain cave." The last thing I wanted was to get stuck out on the red clay dirt or beaten back to school by the falling sun and my CX teammates. A state championship my final year cemented the value of our teams hard work. Now, as I build my legacy I reach back to those runs and the lessons learned when facing personal obstacles as a small business owner or on the bike 3 hrs from home.

Often the question is asked, “How and where did you learn to do this?” When I’m standing at the vice running over the steel with a bastard cut file, I have plenty of time to think. How did I get to this point? Honestly, placing my finger on one singular event in my life that prompted Stanridge is not easy. My mother encouraged my artistic side. I’d often sit at my desk and draw everything you’d imagine a young guy drawing Big Rigs, Fire Trucks, Race Cars, Ambulances and Wreckers. Little did I know a graduation from crayons to a TIG welding machine and Oxy/Act torch would occur 30 years later. 

During the summers early in my life I was lucky to spend time with both of my grandfathers in their shops. Papaw made a living in auto upholstery. Granddad was a general entrepreneur and fixer of anything. He had the space and tooling to do about anything. With confidence I can say that my grandfathers are the primary reason that I picked up tools and gained the skillset to fabricate. It was their love of craftsmanship, the pride in their work and the way they carried themselves that left such a lasting impression on me.  They’re with me everyday. My brand name is a portmanteau of their surnames, George Stanton and J.M. Eldridge.

As consumers we’ve grown tired of mundane factory-produced throw away’s. As I’ve grown older I’ve noticed I spend a few extra minutes examining my consumption patterns and purchase decisions.  I eat lower on the food chain.  Supporting the small guy and creating a lasting relationship is important to me. Pay an extra dollar and trade with the mom and pop shop, wave as you pass the big box.  American craftsmanship and a staunch resolve built this great country into what it is today. Now more than ever it’s important to bring production back into America, to return to that ingenuity that made us great. I take much pride in producing my bicycles here in the U.S.A.  One at a time they’re going into the world, France, Germany, Spain, Ireland, England, Scotland, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Indonesia and Taiwan.

Mentally and physically pushing myself to improve Stanridge Cycles consumes every waking minute. The economic risk and long hours are completely worth it. I place a strong emphasis on cultivating relationships with my clients and partners. Making a perfect bicycle is my utmost goal. Your on-bike experience concerns me greatly. Let’s make this happen! 




It all started when…

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On March 30th, Roper will begin an epic 3,300-mile journey; cycling from New York’s Brooklyn Bridge to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge to raise awareness & donations for The Diana Award, a UK-based charity in honor of Princess Diana which raises funds that aid and support youth programs globally. Follow along on Roper’s Adventure here .

Stanridge was tapped to fabricate Roper’s bicycle. We’ll blog updates as Roper progresses towards the Golden Gate Bridge.

-Good Luck Roper!