My grandfathers were a huge part of my early years. I named the brand in their honor.

Stanridge is an internationally recognized company Established in 2009 that constructs highly respected bicycles. Stanridge will never waiver from core principles. We’re not about trend following or finding the cheapest way to produce the product; we’re about sexy bombproof bicycle frames built with integrity. I don’t have business goals or an exact idea of where Stanridge as a company is going. I’ve never had the idea by a certain year Stanridge needs to be at a certain point.

The one goal I do personally pursue is that of knowledge about my business sector, business practices in general, refining and progressing as a builder. My personal quest has been that of bicycle form, bicycle geometry, how they correlate and translate to comfort for my casual consumer and speed to the athletes. I’m a believer in less bigness, more authenticity. Do what feels right and good things happen.

"Now to the ride. I love this bike and it's handling!! The short chain stay was a bit unexpected but, to hell with mud clearance :-) The quick and responsive feel is amazing, the short wheelbase works perfect. The Stanridge is 54mm shorter than my cannondale and I feel it. After using the Stanridge the difference between my cannondale and it is like riding a John Deere 8 series tractor and a Bowler Wildcat....( I have drove both). The frame is perfectly balanced and gives good traction. Out of the saddle the frame is stiff and predictable. As I have said in previous mails, the bike gives you confidence and pushes you during high speed. On single-track the nimble handling comes into it own, no problem handling the most technical sections, the rider fails before the bike..." -Espen

I never set a goal of running a company, being a frame builder or a respected source of knowledge. I’ve always wanted to do great work, keep hustling, keep advancing and pursuing challenges, such as advancing my small privately funded race team.

Big manufacturing is constantly trying to find the solution to a problem that may not exist; they need to keep a huge investment pool happy. Rapid prototyping and an observation of where the urban racing scene was headed allowed me to enter the Redhook Crit with a purpose built bicycle and land Stanridge on the podium in 4 of 5 races entered (The only non podium finish due to a flat tire). While the big guys are doing something and hoping for the best, almost a stroke of luck, I’m designing the frame in a disciplined manner to win races, one of pure performance using the best materials and not one of maximizing profitability for the shareholders.

What are the needs? What’s a rationalization for a line that can help people get to work or the finish line? I don’t spend time looking over my shoulder to see what others are doing. My belief in what I’m offering and my core values allow me to do what I do successfully. People are attracted to that. I don’t need to ask permission. It’s relevant and authentic.

I’ve never been one to offer a static response or a static ad but rather a concept. The engagement with my riders is what excites me. For my brand to stay fresh I’m constantly looking for new fresh relevant ideas. I’m always looking straight ahead and forging new relationships. Relationships built on truth and honesty. I follow my DNA. It’s no secret my grandfathers were a huge part of my early years. This is all for them. I’ve gained the confidence to listen to my voice. It’s talking a lot right now. There are interesting initiatives and bicycles on the horizon.